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Are there warranties on my purchase?
Products listed on the AudioBuy websites are covered under a one year return to base manufacturer's warranty. This warranty applies to all product(s) which have developed a manufacturer defect during use and will not apply for goods damaged from mis-use or incorrect use of its intended purpose. Please contact AudioBuy if you have any further questions about the manufacturer's warranty we provide , alternatively post a question in the support forum below and a staffmember will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

How do I track my order?

Once your online order has been dispatched , we email through tracking details which can be tracked using the above tracking tool or on the USPS website. Please note : Tracking details require approximately 24 hours before they can be accessed on the USPS website. If you have not received your tracking details post shipment , please contact us and we will email your tracking number within 1-2 business days. Default shipping method is USPS Priority. For Fedex or DHL shipping quotes , please contact us.

How much is shipping?
All products listed on our website include free shipping. Upgrade options are available such as Fedex or Next Day Air and can be calculated by contacting us. Advertised pricings on our website include free international shipping to all serviced countries via USPS/UPS/FEDEX. All prices on the AudioBuy network of websites are inclusive of all shipping costs. By default all items ship via USPS (6-7 day transit time). Advertised pricings on AudioBuy websites assume delivery with USPS and/or FEDEX post for final delivery. In most casses we prefer to ship via FEDEX in order to minimise transit time and efficient delivery.

Do you price match?
If you see a lower price from a reputable company, please contact us and we will attempt to match or beat it! AudioBuy adhere to Minimum Advertised Pricing but we are able to offer a lower price over the phone or through emails. Please contact us with the product name and supporting documentation the item is listed on another website at a lower price.

What if I want to return an item for a full refund?
We want to provide a great worry-free shopping experience for our customers, so we do offer a return policy. If it is within 30 days of the item being delivered, please contact us to request an RMA for refund. We do NOT accept any returns, exchanges or refunds for any books, and/or any OPENED software or CD/DVDs, mouthpieces, and harmonicas.

To contact us please leave a message on our online support and review forum below or visit the AudioBuy website for further contact details. Please reference your order number if you require an order update or tracking information.

The AudioBuy Review & Support Forums are cleared every 24 hours to avoid congestion.


  1. hi there,

    can i get a discount to australia if i purchase the tech21 RK5 and HEET EBOW together?

  2. Hello,

    Please contact us on the website and we will send through our best discounted price. Both units are in stock.


    AudioBuy LLC

  3. hey guys i recently received my order and was now needing the best best price quote for a Steve Vai Ibanez , they come in a few different colours and variations. I've emailed you about this can you please let me know.
    thanks jacob.

  4. AudioBuy Reviews5 February 2017 at 13:22

    Annoyed but it get here in the end after anxious 2 week wait

    Customer review submitted by 'Jimmy S'

    Ok so i ordered from AudioBuy after they TOLD ME IT'D TAKE 1.5 WEEK FOR DELIVERY. I order the product from Audiobuy and the guitar shows up , NOT IN 2 WEEKS , but in just over 2 weeks which is way overdue to their original timeframe. If you're going to sell items online then at least give customers accurate delivery timeframes. When I emailed them after my guitar arrived they said they were sorry that the postal system took longer than expected but that isn't good enough , they should've used a faster service or given me the option to upgrade.

  5. AudioBuy Reviews5 February 2017 at 13:23

    AKG Headphones mis-hap

    Customer review submitted by 'Michael'

    There were some AKG's i wanted and i emailed AudioBuy for the price , they said they had one in stock so I purchased but a few days later they emailed me that they got their stock wrong and it'd take a few more days to ship them out. At that time my review of AudioBuy would've been a one star but they've redeemed themselves by shipping them fast post , I got them in the mail recently so i'm happy all around but their inventory tracking clearly needs to improve.

  6. AudioBuy Australia Review - Ibanez guitar arrived...

    i bought a new Jem for my daughter and included 2 extra DiMarzios , my guitar luthier mate was going to install the separate pickups in the Jem when it arrived. The first problem was the guitar took just a week to arrive , I thought Fedex were faster than 7 day delivery but I guess i was wrong. The guitar arrived in good condition but when we opened the box it was disappointing to see that AudioBuy packers had obviously confused the dimarzio set with a single pickup , after 2 days of emailing back and forth with Katie they agreed to send me the pickup set and I could keep the single pickup i'd received. Overall , it's a mixture of a good and bad experience.

    Customer review submitted by 'Justin'

  7. AudioBuy Reviews6 March 2017 at 13:43

    AudioBuy Review - Teenage OP1 arrived , best price in Australia!
    My new Teenage OP1 just arrived and i'm very happy with it , they were backorered for 3 long weeks but i got the first one that arrived back in stock and Paul kept me in the loop during the whole waiting time. Thanks so much Audiobuy!
    Customer review submitted by 'Kurt'


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