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AudioBuy Australia review by Nathan butcher

Everything I wanted, and was cheaper than everyone else around. Imported ibanez prestige from America! Couldn't find anywhere else In Australia after trying all ibanez dealers!

FedEx tracking was much better than I expected and I was able to see where my guitar was every step of the way! And a bonus it turned up 2 days earlier than expected!

Initial problems now solved very well

I ordered Steinberg Cubase 9 Pro download, paid AU$721, no download link, website does not reflect my order, no download link, got an automatic no email that my product will be shipped, but nothing that it has been (although a download does not need to be shipped). I rang the 02 8607 8249 customer support line, it is International, not AudioBuy Australia, I can't speak to anyone, goes straight to message bank, sent emails to support email, zero response.

I have been contacted by this afternoon, and I was very impressed by their response. It was a series of smaller problems adding up. AudioBuy agreed with my feedback related to download products, were very willing to learn and improve, took on board other ways to contact me, offered me a really good solution and the problem has now been resolved to my satisfaction. I am impressed with this company's response, it was very well handled with no blame on the customer, and a willingness to solve the …

AudioBuy Review of Strymon Guitar Pedal purchase

Ordered 1 pedal from AudioBuy and another soon upon finance approval. Hey Duncan here i'm reviewing the new Strymon pedal , the timeline does tape delay stimulation but also quite alot more. It has 3 times types of delay including "ice" delay which adds harmonies to your delay. It's probably the best delay pedal we use in our studio now and will be needing another one from AudioBuy to use at our UK recording facility. I'd suggest others look into buying this pedal if not from AudioBuy then from any other Strymon dealer. Fantastic guys thanks!

Line6 POD HD 500X Review

Hey guys im reviewing the line6 POD500X which I got from AudioBuy. I get all my clean and dirty tones from this pedal and I got tired of having to buy numerous pedals at $200 each when the Line6 POD has all the effects i need. The clean tone I get from this floorboard isn't bad but it's not great either. It came with Software which i'm still learning , the editing software works pretty good and lets me edit the tone exactly to how I want it without having to play with the dials on the unit itself. Before buying this floorboard i contact audiobuy and a few other shops but audiobuy had the lowest price. If you want to connect the HD500X to your computer for recording , speaker outputs and so on then you may need to buy extra cables for ask audiobuy to include the cables at the price they go for? Line6 do a great job of modelling the available amps and its very responsive. It's a 1/4 the price compared to the rival systems by Kemper but it's not that bigger deal. Def…

Ibanez Art Star Guitar Arrived This Morning

Gaz here i ordered an ibanez guitar on the 27th Feb about a week ago and it arrived this morning with Fedex signed delivery , really satisfied and impressed with Audiobuy's service and would highly recommend ozzy musicians give them a go if only to get the best price. I saved more than $200 buying my guitar from Audiobuy compared to the price quote i got from Mannys , they tried to explain their higher price by saying that my guitar wouldn't have a warranty or something similar?? I looked at the prices online for my guitar and all of the Americ an stores along with Audiobuy had the guitar priced at about 1.5K while all local stores either didn't have them available or wanted closer to 2K. For my next purchase , probably guitar tuners or something of this nature I may buy locally and not from Audiobuy because they emailed me they don't sell small and cheap accessories.

BRAND New Digitech Robots pedal from AudioBuy

I bought the brand new digitech dirty robot pedal and i'm really happy with it so i want to review it for other customers thinking of getting one. It can be used on bass and guitar , I use it on Bass and in my opinion it sounds better on bass and not very nice on guitar especially guitar without distortion. It gives my bass playing more "oomph" and makes me sound like something from the future. Really motivating if you're getting bored of the bass , adds new tones and colors and so on.... I ordered mine from the online Audiobuy store but you can get them from most online stores like Sweetwater who all sell at similar prices.

Teenage OP1 Synth , Drums and alot more..

The very rare OP1 model from Teenage Engineering was delivered to me and i'm amazed by it. It's all-in-one mixer , eq , effects with pitch bending , transposition and everything I need with 100% full range. I mainly use the drum kit presets which has more channels to choose from that I originally thought before I paid for the order from AudioBuy.

The OP1 from the day I got it let me record full compositions easily with the knobs and from the outset realised I could just be a musician and wouldn't need to worry about reading the manual and spend ing weeks learning how to use the Teenage OP1. I think it's the only product of this type to make cool effects when you physically move the unit. I have it hooked up to my computer but can also disconnect and use it mobile style so it does everything really. I understand why the OP1 is one of the most popular items from AudioBuy. The product aside and the experience of buying the OP1 from AudioBuy was amazing and I got a really…