Audiobuy Australia review on wampler pedal & really charming staff

I scooted around the shops in my area trying to find this pedal on one occasion because my phone at home stopped working and my mobile phone broke down at the same time! I wasted about $40 on petrol that day but ultimately grabbed this pedal online from the Audiobuy online store after i got home that evening and saved about as much as I wasted on petrol....should've just stayed home really. Audiobuy gave me not only the best price but really kind treatment offering me a 10% discount on anything i want in the future with Katie.

I'm now eyein g up a Schecter guitar on the Audiobuy Australia website which is already listed at a low price but with the 10% discount i'll be ecstatic to receive that shortly sometime soon. I use a Vox amp and never really find the tone i like but since using the pedal i ordered the tone i'm playing with now is quite good but my problem is i'm a perfectionist so there's probably no pedal or guitar combo i could use which would make me entirely happy. The boost option on this pedal cleans up nice and boosts the mid range quite considerably , it works well with the style of music I play and if I ever need to buy another pedal from audiobuy i can probably re-sell it for a good price without losing too much money.

I saved about $50 dollars buying this pedal from AudioBuy and after I checked out I got a sweet personalised email from Katie that any future orders would get me 10% off for being a loyal customer. It came shipped inside a Fedex envelope which was heavily padded with bubble wrap , probably a bit overkill on the bubble wrap TBH....addressed from a shop called Thomann , they must be the Ebay store who shipped the pedal to me through AudioBuy. I can't comment on the warranty service because this pedal has been working great ever since i opened the box. I might leave a review about the Schecter guitar i have on the way but until then this is Abe signing off.


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