Audiobuy sent me electro-harmonix pedal , no worries

hey ken here i grabbed a cheap ehx pedal from Audiobuy in mid February , the pedal got to me quite a while ago but i've been in touch with Audiobuy since then and thought they deserve a nice good review. The customer service with this shop is impeccable and the prices along with the range of stock available is really impressive. I love audiobuy and reckon musicians in australia should use these guys to get savings from other australian music shops.


  1. how much did you pay and what ehx pedal did you buy?

    My local shop just rudely scoffed at me when i asked them to price match audiobuy with all kinds of excuses like they don't sell real Ehx pedals? What a joke

    1. Yea Australian music stores can't match overseas prices so resort to these tactics to win the sale , they probably offer a better warranty but this often doesn't justify the high prices. I've used audiobuy for many mid to high end purchases and never had any problems


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