Ibanez Art Star Guitar Arrived This Morning

Gaz here i ordered an ibanez guitar on the 27th Feb about a week ago and it arrived this morning with Fedex signed delivery , really satisfied and impressed with Audiobuy's service and would highly recommend ozzy musicians give them a go if only to get the best price. I saved more than $200 buying my guitar from Audiobuy compared to the price quote i got from Mannys , they tried to explain their higher price by saying that my guitar wouldn't have a warranty or something similar?? I looked at the prices online for my guitar and all of the Americ an stores along with Audiobuy had the guitar priced at about 1.5K while all local stores either didn't have them available or wanted closer to 2K. For my next purchase , probably guitar tuners or something of this nature I may buy locally and not from Audiobuy because they emailed me they don't sell small and cheap accessories.


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