The AKAI AMX ordered from Audio Buy

I have visited the Audiobuy site hundreds of times and ordered 3 items over the last few years , most recently in January of this year i had shipped the AKAI AMX which was not in stock in any other stores i could find at the time. I also used to work at a music shop where i'd always get price match requests. It has been years since I have worked for the music industry so i no longer get internal discounts etc. Being a musician , a fairly well paid musician unlike most , I still need to shop around when buying higher ticket items and i have mana ged to get a few good deals from Audiobuy when other stores could not price match or even come close to their pricing. The AMX product got to me quite some time ago and i'm leaving a review only now. The post fader ports on the amx are really good and accurately replicate the knobs seen on the Numark which is really cool. The only negative I could say about this unit is that the shift button is too small and often missed when gigging or in dim light. The Audiobuy shop and the Akai product i ordered are both really good and this review is overall a very positive one.


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