Alesis Controller review for studio

I work for Dream Studios and overall this product is good if your recording clients are not requiring anything particularly special given that the price point for this product at AudioBuy has a list price in the lower $300 range. I purchased this controller from AudioBuy more as a backup device , the controller was delivered to our studios within a reasonable and pre-scheduled timeframe. One issue is that we needed to buy a $2 adaptor for our wall but everything else about the Audiobuy website and ordering process was straight forward and fully trackable. When the fedex van arrived our building's dog almost attacked the fedex driver , there must be something about their uniform which dogs find threatening. Luckily the package was not damaged by our dog in the process! I don't think AudioBuy are selling these anymore as they told us we were purchasing one of few remaining stock and they are being phased out by Alesis. I'm reviewing AudioBuy as 4/5 stars because of the power adaptor issue.


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