Teenage OP1 Synth , Drums and alot more..

The very rare OP1 model from Teenage Engineering was delivered to me and i'm amazed by it. It's all-in-one mixer , eq , effects with pitch bending , transposition and everything I need with 100% full range. I mainly use the drum kit presets which has more channels to choose from that I originally thought before I paid for the order from AudioBuy.

The OP1 from the day I got it let me record full compositions easily with the knobs and from the outset realised I could just be a musician and wouldn't need to worry about reading the manual and spend ing weeks learning how to use the Teenage OP1. I think it's the only product of this type to make cool effects when you physically move the unit. I have it hooked up to my computer but can also disconnect and use it mobile style so it does everything really. I understand why the OP1 is one of the most popular items from AudioBuy. The product aside and the experience of buying the OP1 from AudioBuy was amazing and I got a really good price with fast free shipping with FEDEX. I couldn't be happier.


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